simple seo tips for beginners

Simple SEO tips for beginners

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Here you will find some Simple SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO is about increasing the visibility of your website!

In a google search about 95 of web traffic, won’t actually go past the first page of google, so we need to optimize our sites at home. You can work on three things with regards to an SEO of your website.. These simple SEO tips for beginners include:


Website Links


Update your content

Lets look at content first. To optimize SEO on your website, make sure your website has relevant and changing content, and make sure it’s updated on a regular basis. With regards to the way you lay out your pages for SEO purposes, make sure you have only one h1 heading or main heading on each of your website pages. One of the easiest ways to keep your content changing is to start a blog on your website and one way to optimize your blog is to use keywords that people are actually searching for.

Find and Use Keywords

So there are ways to find out keywords. For example, you can use a keyword finder like Soodle and super grabs and get keywords from bing, yahoo, google wikipedia, youtube and amazon. These search engines will tell you what people are currently looking for.

Use a WordPress Plugin

You can also install a plugin like yoast seo. Youtube is the second largest search engine after google and because it is so important and big, it makes sense to start your own youtube channel with your own DIY videos.

And if you’re, going to start a youtube channel, make sure your business name and business description are included on your channel so that google can lift you in the search engine ranking.

Create Backlinks

The next thing is links or backlinks. Linking is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Links signal to google that your content is quality, helping to lift your ranking. You can also create links within your own website. For example, linking from one of your blog articles to another just quickly touching on simple code link

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Responsive means your website needs to be mobile friendly. More than half of all global web traffic actually comes from mobile devices.

Make your website secure

These days and google prioritizes secure sites, so make sure you purchase an SSL certificate.

You can do this very cheaply from your web host company and some web hosts actually provide them for free. An SSL certificate makes your website more secure, and you will see a little padlock in the URL field once it is installed, so basically, it takes your site from an http:// address, to a secure https:// address.

Make sure your website is Fast!

Next, take steps to make your website run faster, so you want a fast loading site and prevention is always better than cure. So if you are using wordpress make sure you choose a fast loading theme to begin with, and once your site is up and running, delete any plugins or any photos or any web pages that you aren’t actually using from your website.¬†Because all those plugins photos and pages on your back end of your site, they actually take up space and they slow your site down.

Download an SEO program to tell you what to fix

For an all in one SEO site Suite.. Try Traffic Travis

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