How Has SEO Changed and Where Will SEO Go To

How Has SEO Changed and Where Will SEO Go To?

An interesting question. How has SEO changed over the years.

The Evolution of SEO

SEO – Search engine optimization has changed plenty over the last years and is constantly evolving. The evolution of technology has been the explanation for much of this transformation and has influenced the way that a specialist SEO agency can help clients accomplish their goals.

This article takes a glance into a number of the ways how technology has influenced SEO best practices to develop, and Desktops became more popular in households. But it had been the web that actually changed the way people used desktops. SEO Guru, Tim Berners-Lee proposed the globe Wide Web project for the primary time. But the mass adoption of the technology come into being over the past three decades.

As web users began increasing within the space, search engines began to appear to assist users navigate it. Yahoo! and Google launched its services. Search engines began cataloging websites and made finding information easier.

The Beginning of SEO

At the beginning, SEO featured lots of practices now deemed bad behavior by both the engines and SEO agencies. Things like keyword stuffing and excessive tagging accustomed result in higher computer program ranking. Today, the engines would penalize you for doing that. Content marketing wasn’t about quality but quantity.

Data generation continued to extend as internet usage kept growing. Technology advanced to the purpose where collecting data became easier. Focus shifted to sharing information online with the introduction of social media sites within the early decade.

We started using the net more to share things. The internet and computers, in general, didn’t just mean to seek out information or do business. They were tools to entertain and connect. It’s no wonder that SEO best practices began to target data.


Google introduced its first algorithms to filter program results at the beginning of the sites. While keywords and other early practices were still a thing, the standard of your content began to increase in importance. In fact, personalization also entered the equation. It absolutely was at this point people began to determine different computer program results counting on their personal web usage and preferences.

Google began to include results from various sources into its website ranking within the early hours of information generation. This means SEO wasn’t only about optimizing just your website. Companies had to make sure they optimized their social media, images, and video likewise. The very concept of getting an SEO agency helps your business become more prominent.

Smartphones and SEO

Smartphones are another major technology shaping SEO best practices. The devices entered the mass market after the discharge of the iPhone in 2005. The technology didn’t change how companies had to optimize for their SEO, but as smartphone technology kept improving, these devices began to change online marketing.

It was the device along with other technologies that transformed SEO. If you have a look at current data, round the of the world Internet population use mobile to communicate content. This suggests websites should go with different devices.

Optimizing your content for mobiles is one of the foremost recommended practices within the industry. You won’t find an SEO agency out there who won’t recommend it.

Voice Search SEO

Voice search is yet another interesting technological development that has become more prominent. Google announced Voice Search during which is that the same time Apple’s version entered the market. Best SEO practices started specializing in localization, conversational tones, and structured data.

A.I. and SEO

The most recent technological advance impacting SEO practices, has to be the wonder of AI. Most smart devices utilize AI, and different AI technologies are a part of the business world.

Companies can use smart AI tools to gather and analyze data on a large scale. These technologies are more cost-effective, too. AI’s impact on SEO has been best showcased within the personalization of internet sites and marketing.

Content marketing isn’t aimed toward the masses. From now on, you’ll be able to create a more personalized influence where individuals are targeted. AI are often a strong a part of building a stronger SEO strategy. You’ll be able to use it to find out about your campaigns and market trends.

Technology has always played a task in how you must practice SEO. It’ll still transform best practices within the years to return. Predicting the long run isn’t a simple thing to try and do

. But there are trends already shaping SEO. AI and particularly deep learning are technologies that’ll still influence SEO. Most SEO agencies are reactive within their implementation of SEO in the past, but deep learning will turn SEO into a more predictive practice online.

It’s not hard to imagine real-time SEO seizing within the future. Real-time data will help companies optimize their content creation and marketing practices for the future.

A specialist SEO agency can see trends happening and help your business benefit of them before the competition. Traffic Travis is an influential SEO check platform dedicated to insights, trends, and opinions from the globe of data-driven technologies.

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